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English [English] the brilliant green - LIKE YESTERDAY

Post by BcB on Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:33 pm

Lyrics: Kawase Tomoko
Music: Okuda Shunsaka

When I wish upon a star
The stars have left the sky
A single glass tear
Fell into the music box
You don’t realize its lies

I felt lost
I was afraid of losing you
So I accepted my weakness and cried
Just like I did that day
(A girl in the Moonlight)

Even on
Starless nights
I’m by your side
Seems Like Yesterday
You found my wandering heart
And reached out to me
When I touched your hand
The tears didn’t stop

Baby, Wish upon a star
When I bite down on caramelized sweet strawberries
Their fleeting fragility suddenly sinks
Deep into my heart

The love that seemed far
Is right beside me
Finding its way into this heartbeat
That sings of love
(I’m Float in your Moonlight)

I can’t move on
Like I did back then
When I hid my fears
Ever since the day I let go of your hand
Nothing’s changed
I’m still only thinking of you

Woo …Ah …

Within the foggy sky
There are no stars to make a wish on
But I do believe
They’re up there somewhere

Even on starless nights I’m by your side
Seems Like Yesterday
I’m thinking of you
With a love that will never change
Whenever I feel my heartbeat
I think of you and the tears don’t stop

>> from http://www.jpopasia.com/lyrics/36468/the-brilliant-green/like-yesterday.html

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