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English [English] the brilliant green - Enemy

Post by BcB on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:21 am

作詞: Tomoko Kawase
作曲: Shunsaku Okuda

A line of black swans in a pale sky
A griefing hand and gathering shadows
A sobbing voice
Without effect, my tears are in vain

Shining in the moon are the angel's stairs
Before them, all my hopes are
Just laments
Do i want to be like this forever?

Its not that something has changed
Or that a miracle has happened

The Enemy lives inside myself
Yeah I know…
Under the shut sky
I am shivering
I stand alone

I am naive but i have noticed

On the water's surface are my spilt tears
My spike of anxietry can't be hidden
If i go back, now
Reaching out my hand, somebody has been crying
I'm not overwhelmed with sentiments
But theres no way i can stand

The Enemy lives inside myself
Yeah I know…
Its still an unpassable wall but
Thats fine
Don't you want to see the
Blue sky thats stretching out to the
Other side

Its a small star now but
It lights up the day
Is it here?
I stand alone

A night breeze brushing against my chest, futility
Is so foolish. its fine to be scoffed at
Don't you want to see it?
The blue sky stretching out to the
Other side

>> From : http://www.jpopasia.com/lyrics/7303/the-brilliant-green/enemy.html

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